Roll with Passion




Footbike is our passion

Our aim is to set up an active footbike community in Budapest. Our mission is to let people know this unique hobby and sports vehicle through community events. We believe that footbikes will be part of everyday life in Budapest soon, just like bicycles and scooters.



What is a footbike?

Footbike is a giant scooter. You stand on a footboard between two wheels. You push it forward with one leg. It has large rubber tires instead of small plastic wheels, so travel is smoother and more confortable than with a scooter. Handlebars are higher and wider, so you can take large distances in a comfortable body posture. When it comes to stop, you pull the brakes on the handlebars, it is the same as for bicycles.

It is a unique hobby, sport and transportation vehicle, ideal for sightseeing in extensive big cities. 

Sightseeing: Why to choose a footbike?

We have a few good reasons!

1. Cover larger distance in a shorter time! Visit much more attractions than on a walking tour and see these attractions from real close, much closer than from a minibus or a coach. 

2. Discover hidden attractions, secret places that are out of the mainstream tourist routes! These are hard to reach on foot or by car / coach, but easily accessible on footbike. 

3. A footbike is all green, it’s safe and it’s very easy to handle! It is slower than the electric vehicles, so instead of rushing through the beauties of the place, let yourself immerse into the hustle and bustle of this unique city.

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Who We Are?

We are enthusiast footbike fans from Budapest, Hungary.

We met footbikes in the Czech Republik a few years ago. It was love for the first sight. The first vehicle arrived soon to our home. It has been followed by several others since then.  One for city rides, another to commute to work, a third one for long tours. Foldable ones, so we can put them into the car and non-foldables, because these are even more simple to use.  

Along with the growing number of footbikes, we had more and more adventures. Sightseeings, gourmet tours, country trips, family gatherings. So many unforgettable memories! We know it is only the beginning, because so many things to discover are still out there!

This is the story of an active holiday turned into a lifetime passion. Now we would like to share this passion with You All! 

You are welcome to check our website, have a look at our Insta and meet our community on FB!

Hope to see you soon!