Footbike is my passion


I’m Alexandra, a passionate tour guide and an enthusiast footbike fan from Budapest, Hungary.

I met footbikes first in the Czech Republic a few years ago. It was love for the first sight. The first scooter arrived soon to our home. It has been followed by several others since then.  One for city rides, another to commute to work, a third one for long tours.  Along with the growing number of footbikes, I had more and more adventures. Sightseeings, gourmet tours, country trips, holidays. So many unforgettable memories! Now I want to share my adventures with you, so I organize guided footbike tours to show different aspects of my beloved city, Budapest. That’s how an active holiday turned into a lifetime passion.

You are welcome to check my website, have a look at my Facebook and Insta accounts, book a tour or rent a footbike or even meet the Hungarian footbiker community!

Hope to see you soon!