Photo Spot to Parliament Budapest

Best Photo Spots in Budapest #1

A place where you can make amazing pictures for your friends and family

The building of the Hungarian Parliament  is the most well known landmark of Budapest, no doubt.

If you open a guidebook or search the internet for min attractions of the city, it will be on the very 1st page for sure.

Well, as for making pictures, this building is huge. It’s almot 300 meter (~900 ft) long and 96 meter (~300 ft) high. So it’s not easy to capture in one shot.

Tip: walk across Margaret Bridge then turn South to ‘Bem rakpart’. Walk a few hundred meters along the river and you’ll find yourself just in front of the building.

The view of the Danube river, the magnificient 19th century building and the ever changing sky is just amazing.

Now you can make those must have pictures for your friends and family

By the way, did you notice that the building is totally symmetrical?

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If you want to see this beautiful building also from the inside, you can do it! Guided tours are organized by the staff of the Parliament several times a day. Mind to book your tickets before your trip, because the tours are usually full. Book your tickets here.
See you soon! 

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