Kickbike Tours in Budapest

Kickbike tour - an easy and fun way to discover Budapest

Riding a kickbike is a unique and healthy way to move around in a big city

Ingredients of an unforgettable excursion in Budapest:

  • You and your friends and family
  • 1 friendly local guide
  • 8 yellow kickbikes
  • 1 gourgeours European city
  • 10+ exciting stories

Kickbike tours are small gourp sightseeing excursions with a local guide in the capital of Hungary, also called as the Queen of the Danube. 

How does a trip looks like?

Buda-Pest Footbike Tours provides you a footbike and a helmet + safety vest for better visibility (optional)

First I will teach you how to use these giant scooters, so you’ll feel safe along the journey. If you are a regular kickbike rider, you can skip this part. 

Helmet and safety vest are provided on request for day trips. These items are not obligatory to wear in Budapest.

However if you choose a night ride, I kindly ask you to wear the safety equipment for your own safety and better visibility.

After the teaching and introduction, I’ll guide you to the highlights of Budapest. 

We will cover about 12 km (~8 miles) and visit more than 10 attractions where we will stop. Every time we stop,  I’ll tell you exciting stories and fun facts about the people, history and culture of the city.

We will return to the start point at the end of the trip.

Sightseeings are available in Engligh and Hungarian.

You can find the selection and book a here: Kickbike Tours in Budapest.

Enjoy your stay and I hope to see you soon!

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