Night Tour in Budapest

3+1 Must-See Attractions on a Night Tour in Budapest

What is worth to see in Budapest at night?

Budapest has a special atmosphere in the evening hours. In fact, it is one of the prettiest illuminated towns in the world with a fine balance of lights and dark.

You easily begin to feel like arriving to the land of fairies.

The magic floodlight is on a little bit before dark until 11pm in the summer months and 10pm in the winter. So when the sun goes below the horizon, it’s time to go on a night tour.

 1. Parliament and Buda Castle

The most breathtaking illuminated buildings are the Buda Castle and the Parliament, facing each other on both side of the Danube.

The parliament of Hungary is the 3rd largest parliament building in the World and the most illuminated building in Budapest at night.

 2. Bridges

Visiting the illuminated bridges is the highlight of every night tour.  This is why evening cruises on the Danube are so popular.

There are 4 bridges equipped with decorative lights in downtown Budapest. From South to North:

  1. Liberty Bridge
  2. Elisabeth Bridge
  3. Chain Bridge
  4. Margaret Bridge

There are also well paved promenades on both sides of the Danube river, so you can admire these bridges directly from the riverbanks on your evening walk. 

However be prepared for a long walk, as such a walking tour covers app. 8.5 kms (5.3 miles)

 3. Churches

Illunated churches are the gems of a night tour in Budapest. Must have spots are the St. Stephen Basillica and the Dohány Street Synagogue in Pest and Matthias Church in Buda.

However it is worth to take a walk in the small streets of downtown Budapest to discover small churches like

  • St. Anna Parish Church in Batthiányi Square,
  • St. Michael Church in Váci Street
  • Inner-City Parish Church in March 15 Square.

 +1 Opera House

The illuminated Opera House in Budapest is a must see attraction for every visitor. This is one of the most pretty buildings of the city also at daylight. A gem of the late 19th century architecture and masterpiece of Milkós Ybl, star architecht of that era.

If you want to see something special come back in the evening hours or even go there to see a show.

Night tours in the city

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