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Where to eat cheap food in Budapest?

Pro tips to find quality cheap food in Budapest

What are the main reasons to visit Budapest?

Many travellers come for the good food, others come to enjoy the World famous hot baths, while young travellers prefer to immerse into vivid nightlife of famous ruin bars.

If you are the one who comes for the splendid 19th century architecture to Budapest, you’re absolutely right!

You won’t see many skyscrapers around here and if you do, those are in the most Northern and Southern districts of the town.

They are like symbolic gates of a contemporary city. When you pass by the large glass structures, you know you’ve arrived.

I like them in the early morning hours, when their surfaces turn into mirrors by the touch of the first rays of light.

During the working hours, you’ll find American style coffe shops, spascious lobby and cheap self-service restaurants open to everyone on the ground floor.

You can have a rest here and have a menue for only 5-6 EUR per person.

Despite the low price, food quality is good, because not only office workers have their lunch here, but CEOs and board members of well known multinational companies as well.

Where to find them?

Check Duna Tower or Europe Tower at Árpád Bridge, both easily accesdible by underground No. 3 (called also ‘blue line’) or MOL Campus at Rákóczy bridge, accessible by tram No. 1.

If you prefer to roam the city with a local guide on a fun way and avoid crowded public transport or have some physical activity after a heavy meal, check my exciting offers here: Kickbike Tours in Budapest.

See you soon!

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