Footbike is my passion

Hello, I’m Sandra!

I’m a professional tour guide born and raised in Budapest. I’ve been living around here in all my life, so when you say ’local’, that’s definitely me 😉

What about my relationship to Budapest? 

Well, I tell you a secret. I learnt to love my city step by step, year by year, stone by stone. 

Finally I ended up being a licenced tour guide to show the people those outstanding attractions that deserve the love and admiration of both locals and travellers.

I’ve always been an active person too, experienced in many kinds of sports. 

I first rode a kickbike 4 years ago on a trip in the Czech Republic. Well, this was indeed love for the first sight! 

Since then I’ve founded a local kickbiker community and I organize long distance tours all over Hungary. 

Rolling along the Danube river and Andrássy Avenue are my favourite routes, because there are so many wonderful things to see. 

It’s never boring, it’s never the same. There is always something new, something good going on. 

Not to mention the evening hours, when the view of Budapest is so magical as if you were on the land of fairies.

All in all, my vision is to mix sightseeing with a light physical activity on my favourite route to cheer the body, the eye and the soul of curious travellers.

I believe that this kind of tour guiding fits into the new generation of tourism respecting slowtravel and greentravel spirit. 

I believe that these principles make local tourism more sustainable, make a big town more livable and provide unforgettable experience to our most prescious visitors: You.

You are welcome to check my website, have a look at my Facebook and Insta accounts, book a tour or rent a footbike or even meet the Hungarian footbiker community!

Hope to see you soon!