Footbike tour or kickbike tour is a small group guided tour.

Buda-Pest Footbike provides you a kickbike (see pictures in Gallery) and your local guide leads you through the highlights of Budapest.

Selection of tours is available on this Website under Tours menu.

Each tour includes 10+ stops where you hear exciting stories about people, history and culture of Budapest.

Footbike tours are designed to those who:

  • Like active holidays
  • Are open minded to experience a new way of sightseeing
  • Want to see and learn more than on a walking tour
  • Prefer to avoid crowded public transport
  • Still want to mingle with locals and feel the hustle and bustle of Budapest
  • Travel with teenage kids and need to drain the energy or boredom
  • Are green minded – environmental footprint of a footbike is much smaller than that of a bicycle or an electric vehicle
  • Want to get back in shape after a heavy Hungarian meal or before  putting on that new swimsuite in a famous baths of Budapest 😉

It is the big brother of scooters or in other words it is the Cadillac of scooters.

It looks like a hybrid of a scooter and a bicycle:

You stand on a footboard between 2 wheels and push forward with one leg. Footbikes have brakes like those of bicycles.

Advantage to a scooter is its lower footboard, large rubber tires and wide handlebars.

Footbikes are more comfortable, faster, easier to handle and require less effort.

Find pictures in the Gallery.

It’s just more fun!

  • You cover larger distance, so you see and learn more
  • It’s faster than walking still it requires less effort 
  • You mingle with locals, feel the spirit of the streets of Budapest
  • You avoid crowded public transport
  • It is flexible, you can jump on and off anytime
  • It’s a light physical activity, so you strengthen your muscles, train your heart and shape your body

It’s just more fun!

  • Bicycles are restricted from many downtown area while push scooters are allowed to roll everywhere
  • No ‘pain in the ass’. I mean literally.
  • Slower than a bicycle, so there is no rush, you have the time to notice and admire the beauty of the city
  • Lighter and easier to handle
  • It’s flexible, you can jump on and jump off easily anytime
  • It’s also a physical activity, what is more it is a whole body workout, so you strengthen almost all your muscles, train your heart and shape your body
  • It’s greener, because maintenance of footbikes requires very little chemicals due to no greasy spareparts, no battery

Footbikes are manpowered. You will do moderate physical activity on the tour.

Sure you are!

A minimum fitness level is required, just as when you ride a bicycle, walk larger distance, swim or run.

If you do sport regularly, you’ll soon be the king of the roads!

However there are a few contraindications:

Don’t book a footbike tour if:

  • You are pregnant,
  • You have ankle, knee or hip problem,
  • You had a surgery on the hip or legs or
  • You have heart disease, pacemaker or untreated high blood pressure.

Remember that you use the footbike on your own risk.

It is recomended for all ages, however the minimum age must be 13+ due to safety reasons.

No maximum age is determinded. Many footbikers are in the senior age group and ride 30-40 km (20-25 miles) regularly.


Big and medium size footbikes carry 130 kgs maximum, while the small footbikes carry 100 kg maximum.

Please take these limits into consideration when choosing a footbike. 

Footbike tours are slow rides, average speed is around 6-8 km/hour (between the walking speed and the speed of a bicycle), except you want to go faster 😉

We stop regularly to learn about the highlits of the city, so you’ll have the time to recharge.

There are 10 or more stops in each tour.

Wear somehting comfortable.

You don’t have to wear any special sport clothes, unless you want to.

Sneakers, sport shoes are recommended.

Trousers are more confortable than mini skirts.

A baseball cap and sunglasses do good in the summer heat. Gloves, cap and scarf keep you warm in early spring and late autumn.

Please do not wear high heals and long skirts for your safety!   

We ride in almost all weather conditions, please dress accordingly.

  • High heel shoes
  • Long skirt

Sorry ladies, wearing those items are dangerous when riding a kickbike.

We ride in all normal weather conditions except rain and harsh wind.

If it rains at the time of the tour, it can be rescheduled.

If rescheduling doesn’t work for you the tour charge will be fully refunded.

Basically you dont’t need to bring along anything special. What you may need:

  • a 0.5 l bottle of water for refreshent
  • snacks, if needed
  • a light backpack is also optional

Don’t bring with you:

  • high heel shoes
  • suitcase or other large bag
  • weapons, knives or any other thing that could harm you or others


Food & drink is not included in the tour.

Bring along a 0.5 l bottle of water for refreshment and some snacks if needed.

Buda-Pest Footbike has a very central location, only a few minutes walk from 3 undergound stations:

  • Astoria
  • Ferenciek tere
  • Deák Ferenc tér

It is also close to the hotels along Danube Promenade, Váci street (shopping street) and Vörösmarty Square.

Tours start and end at Vármegye street (see map below).

When you arrive to Vármegye street you will find me standing by the yellow footbikes wearing a white T-shirt with Buda-Pest Footbike Tours logo.

Find a photo of me in Gallery or in About Us section.

Please contact me as soon as possible via e-mail (budapestfootbiketours@gmail.com) or messenger. 

Cancellation rules are included in General Terms and Conditions.